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Update 01.04.2024 - We are currently rethinking the future of Note and will let you know. We are not dead and will continue this project.

Update 16.05.2023 - Note Blockchain will transform into a new web3 Application. Name will be revealed soon.

The Note Blockchain App is offline from Friday June 3-2022 until further notice.

What is Note?

Note Blockchain was designed to simplify the process of owning cryptocurrency – you can even give Note to users without a pre-existing wallet.

We have combined social media with a cryptocurrency wallet so users can easily support their favorite creators by sending them a bit of crypto on the posts they like. There is no set monthly subscriptions, and we do not take any fees for any of your interactions; it’s 100% free to create posts, like, tip, or send crypto directly.

So go ahead and create posts, tip your favorite people in a trustless ecosystem! 

Our Professional Team

The Experts behind Note







Our user numbers are growing

Started back in 2018 as a proof of concept, the App is now ready to go into the next phase.

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Freedom of choice
Maintaining Privacy

Unless reShared, Note users can expect posts and comments to evaporate into digital mist after 24 hours. 

We believe that social interactions don’t require to be permanent.  

Rewarding Creativity

With its built in concept for tipping users can earn token rewards for sharing!

Communities (Concept)

Built on the concept of groups, we realized that websites with existing communities could host their own content, and allow users to access it remotely from their Note App.

We Are The Better Choice

Upcoming features:

Pay-per-view posts

In addition, you can print out Notes in any denomination, set an expiration date, and add your personalized picture. You can even set a six digit PIN to give it additional security.

Create and invite your friends to make some real challenges and set the reward in Notes. Keep informed about the winners. The App is doing the rest all by itself.

Create and share 30 second videos on the app or upload your own. Videos are deleted after 24 hours, just as posts.

Not only posts are deleted after 24 hours, you decide about who`s content you want to see, or simply block people.

How to mine NTBC - the coin behind Note Blockchain

Daniel H.

good app, with a lot of potential. I'm already looking forward to the update and the new functions

Ghaldouni Y.

Very good app, fast and secure and above all anonymous transactions. Try the app, you will not regret it.

Nils S.

Love it! I'm sure this App has a bright future. To the mooon🌝😉!!


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